tiistai 1. syyskuuta 2009

hello, you

I'm katri, I'm 19-years-old and I live by myself in a small apartment in a small town called Vammala. it's in Finland, in case you didn't know.
I like to draw and photograph, sometimes I even tend to write.
there are two guys, loves of my life, in my life and they are my boyfriend Antti and my poodle boy Luka. too bad they both live 60 kilometres away from me. it's 40 minutes by train and one hour drive. sometimes it feels like forever.
i'm half russian and I feel like I'm home when I'm in St. Petersburg or Prague.
I dislike capital letters, but otherwise I like pretty much everything. mostly foxes, fauns, pirates, comics, books, music, capoeira, dancing, indians, inuits, freckles, photogenic people, ancient greece, cultures, paranormal stuff, stories & mythologies and tea.

I'm not really afraid of anything but at the same time I do fear everything (being left alone, bugs, mites, shadows and shy people among other things). I also get really nervous if I see color combinations that don't match.
first two are my pictures, self-portraits, last one's source is fffound.

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