tiistai 12. tammikuuta 2010

is this London?

pictures of me and my cousin Sergei. we were lucky to be hanging around in the centrum when this mist appeared all of sudden.
some russian tourists went by and we heard them say "are we in London?" because of the fog. we don't really have this kind of a mist ever here in tampere. at least not in the centrum, so i'm not surprised why the tourists were so amazed.
we were able to see about 50m ahead of us, then it was all too misty to see !

the last picture is taken by my friend Ilona. it's me and Luka.

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Lamppu kirjoitti...

Oli kyllä kovin sumusta, mutta hyvä että siitä oli jotain hyötyä! Aivan loistavia kuvia. Ei hemmetti katoin suu auki näitä. Mmmmm me lieks.